Fall 2003 (last updated: Feb 25, 2004)

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

090 E-Magazine!

A Collaborative Web-based Project

    Section 1: About Us

    Each student should provide a short self- introduction paragraph. The paragraph should include a student name, age, college grade, major, hobbies, or favorite food and places..etc..

    Section 2: Articles (a list of titles or topics can go under Articles. Each title should link to a blog of a student or a group of students with their writings related to a title)


      • Articles:
        • Global Advertising (this should link to a blog by a group of students showing their paragraphs or essays on this topic).
        • Cars (same as above).

    Section 3: Interviews: (Students can choose a required topic and do a virtual interview with someone who is knowledgeable on a certain topic).



    Section 4 : Links

    (From Links you could link to a page with a list of all your favorite websites).

  • Tips:
    1. Students could use corrected homework assignments on a required Unit from North Star, and may expand adding more information.
    2. Students could work in groups. Each group should choose ONE topic from the followin, and then create a blog to publish their previous and new work:
      • Advertising All Over the World.(Unit 1)
      • Telecommuting. (Unit 2)
      • A Miracle Cure.(Unit 3)
      • Gender Differences.(Unit 5)
      • Cars.(Unit 7)
      • Crime and Punishment.(Unit 9)


  • By the end of the semester the whole class will work collaboratively to build a tripod.com or a GeoCities.com website to publish their work or the Cass E-Magazine.

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