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ELU- Science | English 162 section 53 | Fall 2004 - Instructor: Buthaina al-Othman

Kuwait University

Students' Final Group-Presentations

Group 1/Group2/Group3/Group4/Group5/Group6/Group7/Group8


Group 1
Presentation: WebPage & Blog

Khalda, Samar, Hiba, and Fatma

Final Project Website: http://www.geocities.com/birds_162/

And Group-Blog:

< http://khalda.blogspot.com/ >

Group 2
Presentation: Blog

(L to R) Dalal, Fatma, and Ahlam


Final Blog-Presentation: Michroscopes < http://162group2.blogspot.com/ >


Presentation: Blog & PPT

(L to R) Huda and Nour created and worked on publishing the group presentation on their blog; Nouf created and worked on te power power version of their presentation

Final Blog-Presentation: <http://162group3.blogspot.com/ >

PowerPoint Slides:

Group 4
Presentation: PPT

(L to R) Sarah and Khatoon used Sara's laptop to show their power point slides..They brought some samples of various types of oil for us to try. some students really felt relaxed and wanted to nap, :-)

Group-Blog: < http://162group4.blogspot.com/ >

PowerPoint Slides:

Group 5
Presentation: Blog & PPT

Eman, Hawraá, & Fatma

Group-Blog: < http://162group5.blogspot.com/ >


Group 6
Presentation: PPT
Click on Mariam's & Raghda's Presentation (a Flash video clip in html)

Group-Blog: < http://bubblesssss.blogspot.com/ >

Group 7
Presentation: PPT


Noura D. & Noura B. (Notce the T.Shirts they're wearing have the name and logo of their poject, Kuwaiti Women Working in the Media)

PowerPoint-slides: (coming soon)

Group 8


PowerPoint-slides: (coming soon)

Hiba H. & Mardiya
Note: We had to change the unified class topic for the final presentations because many students voted against this idea; students preferred to research in groups different topics, instead. (Well, this is democracy and I, the class instructor had to agree, :-)
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