(Last updated: August 2004)
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Reading & Writing Activity

Activity A:
  1. Choose a topic for your final project from this list at BBC NEWS .
  2. To practice using your reading skills read this article on Cloning.
  3. Remember to use your reading skills.
  4. Remember to display your notes, using the standard academic outline form.
  5. Save your outline on a word document and then upload it to your folder at Files area on our EFI_Yahoo! Group site.

Avtivity (B):

  1. Compose a short report, using your notes displayed on the outline form.
  2. Then, go to WikiPedia to publish your report.
  3. When you are finished send an email message to EFI_Yahoo! Group to invite us read your published report on Wikipedia.

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