English 162
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Reading & Writing Activity

feng shui

"Feng shui is a study of our surroundings that is closely related to what life would bring. Good or bad feng shui is a matter of Chi ( energy ) flowing in a specific area. From feng shui perspective, a balanced environment must be in harmony with the five elements that form the Universe - metal, wood, water, fire, earth. And each has its own position in a particular area."

Activity A:

  1. Remember to use your reading skills.
  2. Read this article about Feng Shui of the White House!
  3. Take notes, while reading, using your online highlighting skill. This should help you focus, and take notes faster.
  4. Copy and paste sentences of main ideas on a word document, and then work on them to create short notes. Remember to save and name your document.
  5. Outline your notes, using the standard academic paragraph or essay outline form.

Activity (B): (Pair or group work)

  1. Compose a short report, using your notes displayed on the outline form you craeted in Activitiy A.
  2. Sign up to create an account at WikiPedia. Then, look for instructions on how to publish your reports there.
  3. Invite your partner to edit your report published on WikiPedia.
  4. Please post an email message to our Yahoo! Group, to invite us read your published reports, on WikiPedia.

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