Kuwait University
Faculty of Science

Instructor: Buthaina al-Othman

English 162 Science Students Visit the Science Library of Kuwait University

ESP, Blended course # 162 section 53 Summer 2004

June 19, 2004

(Left to right) EfS 162/53 students, Atahri, Hala, from Lebanon, Amna, Ms. Muna Al-Shaibani, Shoosh, Mariam, Heba, and finally this class Instructor, Buthaina Al-Othman
(Left to right) Amna, Hala, Ms. Muna, Heba, Athari, and in front of them left to right, sitting Mariam and Shoosh.

English for Science , (EfS) # 162, which I currently teach, is a credited ESP course, designed for Intermediate - Upper Intermediate students and taught at the English Language Unit in the Faculty of Science, at Kuwait University. During this course studnets are required to learen some basic knowledge on library science to be able to research books, journals, articles, and other kinds of academic prints available at a conventional library. For this pupose, my students and I visited the Science Library in Khaldiya campus, on June 19. We were received by the Librarian, Ms. Muna Al-Shaibani, who was very helpful and answered all of our questions.

Ms. Muna showed us how to use the available facilities at the Science Library. She clearly and extensively expalined how to find a refernce using the computer system available for students and teachers inside the Library; she actually did that in a hands-on activity, inviting my students to use the computer and look for one or two references, (books) they needed for their required final term papers and presentations.

My students were very excited about using that technology, which saves a lot of time. They learned more about the importance of ISBIN numbers and how they could find lots of resources easily and quickly, inside the Science libray or in other libraries located in other campuses of KU or at International ones, outisde Kuwait.

Finally, we thanked Ms. Muna for her great effort, explaining the new library skills in a simple, pleasant approach.

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