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ELU-Science 162/53 Summer 2004

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

EfS 162 Students' Blogs & Websites

Note: The online activities and web-projects, included in this EfS 162/53 blended course, are optional. (See Students' feedback)

Blog / Website

Effects of Violent TV Programs on Children: Is it a Universal Problem?

Blog for final project: http://collegegirl20032001.blogspot.com/

Athari has also created a personal blog to receive your comments on her first website, Tourism in Kuwait!

Athari's Final Project

Hiba, Hala & Amna
Plastic Surgeries: Necessity or Luxury!
Shaikha & Mariam
Rabies: Causes & Effects!
Zainab, I. & Zainab E.
DNA: Advantages & Disadvantages!
SMS for our communications outside the classroom, (Zainab & Zainab have computers at their homes, however, they live in S. Surra; a new area in Kuwait that has no telephone lines, yet).
Khuloud & Shaima'a
Effects of Sun Rays & Makeup on people's skin in the Region
Badria & Majeda
Ways to Prevent Anemia
No blog was created
Tourism in Oman

Blog, URL: http://omaneye.blogspot.com/

Hajer's Page on Oman

Nawal & Reem
Graphic Creator Software! (What about it?..You need to choose an aspect to talk about).
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