Kuwait Uinversity
College of Science
English Language Unit
162/s53 Fall 2004

EFL Instructor:Buthaina Al Othman

About the required textbook, "Academic Encounters"

The new textbook, "Academic Encounters", should help EfS 162 students learn and achieve the following:

  • Develop the reading, writing, and study skills needed to meet the demands of college courses.
  • The readings, taken from university-level social science textbooks, treat high-interest topics such as stress and physical health, nonverbal communication, friendship, and love, engaging students in the subject matter while exposing them to academic discourse.
  • Understanding vocabulary in context, as well as writing and study skills such as summarizing, note-taking, highlighting key points, and preparing for tests.
  • Students respond to the readings and incorporate what they have learned in writing assignments of different lengths.
  • Prereading and post-reading activities involving discussion, role-playing, and problem-solving maximize student interaction.

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