Fall 2003_162

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

Reading & Writing Activity

Writing Paraphrases


  • Answer the following question:
    • Have you or someone you know ever experienced a stressful vacation? Were you aware of the source of your stress?
  • Read the following passage, and then use WP to outline the main ideas and details.Then come back here to answer the questions, below.
  • Use an online dictionary or the built in dictionary at Word to look up the meaning of new or unfamiliar words.

    Reading: Vacation Stress

One of the greatest benefits of a vacation should be release from the pressures and stresses of daily life. Unfortunately, many people unwittingly forego this benefit by taking their holiday under circumstances that continue these pressures instead of relieving them, Because we are often unaware of the forms that stress can take, we don't know how to avoid it. Most people recognize the stressful nature of their jobs and of family or community responsibilities. But how many of us realize that our social relationships with friends and acquaintances, even though we normally enjoy the company of others, impose on us certain codes of behavior and responsibilities?

Another source of stress is time. In our daily lives we are subject to schedules, whether formal or informal. We are also bombarded by the sounds of traffic, machinery, conversation, and music. Yet many of us perpetuate these stresses when we go on vacation. We travel to resorts where we must obey social rules and where we must arrange our activities around a schedule imposed by others. We visit faraway cities where we are assaulted by the same kinds of noise that cause us stress at home. When we return, we are often secretly puzzled that we are not as rested as we hope to be. Analyzing the pressures of one's life before planning a vacation could result in a reduction of stress, and therefore a more relaxing holiday.

  • Answer the following questions:

(Do not copy your answers from the reading; try to paraphrase them).

  1. Why people often do not avoid stress on a vacation?
  2. What the author says about stress in social situations? How people perpetuate this stress during vacations?
  3. What are the author's observation on one other type of stress?
  4. Paraphrase the second paragraph,using your own words. Remember to mention the reference,i.e. the name of the book, page numbers, and the other related details of your reference.
  5. Write a short paragraph, describing a stressfull vacation that you or someone you know experienced, recently or in the past.
Source: Reading Etc., page 270-271.

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