Kuwait University

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

North Star: Unit 5


Speaking of Gender & Different Ways of Thinking/Talking!

  • During this session we will learn:
    1. How to avoid sexist language when we speak or write.
    2. How to read between the lines. In other words, how to link your background knowledge ( old information), with new knowledge (new information), to draw a conclusion or to create an opinion.
    3. How to ask questions in English.
    4. How to write an essay.


  • Vocabulary: ( Audio Games)

Family Memebrs (Audio Memory Games, by Charles Kelly).

  • Reading & Speaking: (Audio-recording collaborative project)

Would you like to be an Actor? Click HERE to Practice Recording a Commercial for TV or Radio!

  • Grammar: (Azar's Grammar book, Chapter 5).

Practice Asking Questions

Homework Assignment


The problem of miscommunication between men and women looks like a universal one!

    • Read these two parts taken from two books, and then answer the questions, below.
    • Questions:
      1. Compare the ideas of the above two authors with the main idea included in Unit 5, Reading 1:"Different Ways of Talking", paragraph 9. (To make the comparison, outline the ideas using a table that you can create with Word Processor, (WP)).
      2. Print out the table and bring with you tomorrow for our class discussion.

Watch the movie, and then do the quiz, at BrainPop

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