Webheads in EVOnline 2003

How Participation in a Community of Practice Informs and Influences the Participants' Personal Teaching Practices
Week 5: Mon Feb 17 to Sun Feb 23

During my participation at Webheads In Action, (WIA), an online group of EFL/ESL teachers and educators from all over the world, in 2002 and 2003, I have learned and practiced many new skills and techniques that helped me mange using a variety of web-tools for language teachers and learners. This new, collaborative learning experience has, positively reflected on my personal teaching experience inside my face-to-face classrooms and at a computer-lab. It also helped me learn more about how to update and develop web pages, created earlier for my EFL classes taught in the English Language Unit at the Faculty of Science of Kuwait University.

Throughout the 7-week online seminars, in 2003, facilitated by Vance Stevens, I learned more about the various possibilities of utilizing computer mediated communication, (CMC) tools in the EFL classroom. Through the collaborative learning experience, I was fortunate to have met great educators and professionals in the field of education, who have broadened my view and knowledge in terms of the integration of the computer and Internet in teaching and learning English.

Many of my questions were answered through the ongoing discussions on EFL/ESL teaching and learning with the use of technology. I have been inspired by the creative ideas and teaching philosophies of many participants, headed by the group leader, Vance Stevens, who have facilitated many effective ways of using online technology in the language classroom and computer-lab, showing us the way and how to implement aspects of effective labguage teaching and learning theories, such as that of constructivism. This presentation will focus on my personal teaching and learning experience with the use of web-tools before and after participating in the community of practice, (CoP) online, Webheads in Action.


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