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ONLine Collaborative Projects by Webheads' & EfS 162 Students

Students' Self-test Results
Students' Self-test Results
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EfS 162 Spring 2004
Efs 162 Summer 2004
EfS 162 Fall 2004
Attribute to Professor Elizabeth & Webheads community online:
  • I would like to thank Dr Elizabeth Hanson-Smith for creating a yahoo group, focused on academic_writing , providing fabulous paragraph self-test and tutorial exercises, on constructing and ordering the paragraph . Academic Writing Yahhoo! Group is considered a sub-group to the main or larger collaboration, Webheads community of practice. Professor Elizabeth invited us, (my EfS 162 students and I), to join her academic writing YGroup and use the writing materials she created to help EFL /ESL learners' improve their writing skill.

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