Chinese and Kuwaiti Webheads Exchange Ideas and Plan Future Collaboration on Some Projects for their EFL Studnets

Yaodong from China and Buthaina from Kuwait

Read the Chatlog (3/19/2003)

Buth: aha
Buth: I'm asking because I created a yahogroup for my science students
jjcyd: students learn the 3 skills for 2 years before taking part in a national exam.
jjcyd: i have a yahoo group,too
Buth: and invited Arnold to write to the list and discuss issues with them
Buth: good
jjcyd: i t is called 'chinesemooers'
jjcyd: i will show studetnsshow to use MOOs in learning english in a month
Buth: then why don't we have they write to eacherother using the ygroup. it's only a suggestion, i just came up with..
Buth: what do you think?
jjcyd: great idea!!!
jjcyd: when can we start?
jjcyd: your link ot the group?
Buth: cool, if you think it's gonna work, then we can do it next week , if Saddam agrees to leave Iraq tonight
Buth: if he doesn't then maybe we can after the War
jjcyd: i like yur humour,Buth
Buth: because, today, is the last day of school
jjcyd: hope the civilians won't suffer
Buth: we are told to stay tuned to TV announcement
jjcyd: smart bombs will hit civilians
Buth: so we don't know if there is school next week or not
Buth: thanks for liking my humour, it's all REAL LIFE StUFF
jjcyd: stay safe there,my friends.
Buth: maybe, it will hit those residing near the northern areas of kuwait
jjcyd: must run now
Buth: thanks, dear..very nice of you
jjcyd: see you this evening if you are online. bye,dear.
Buth: yes, I will,
jjcyd: for Buth.
Buth: thanks for the nice came on the right time..
jjcyd: you deserve it ,dear.
Yahoo! Messenger: jjcyd has logged out. (3/19/2003 12:58 PM)
Buth: I always wanted the supervisor to see, but couldn't , and if haven't use voice and web cam i won't be able to motivate him to come see

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