Other Difficulties Facing EFL Instructors at Kuwaiti Public Schools

Part of a chatlog of the synchronous online conversation with an EFL female instructor working in a primary public school in Kuwait:

eflteacher: also need time to practice, need parents who care to check with their kids
buthaina_3: yes, that's why you need the aid of a wonderfull tool like computers:)
:) I wish that's avaliable
buthaina_3: don't your students have pcs at their homes?
eflteacher: as soon as I finish my site..I'll design some lessons in the computer
eflteacher: pcs?? No I don't thjink so
eflteacher: I teach in Riqqa ...
eflteacher: even adults don't care to have a pc
eflteacher: /
buthaina_3: you think so?
eflteacher: almost sure :)
buthaina_3: sorry, I don't..
eflteacher: wanna bet ??:):)
buthaina_3: most my bedwion students have pcs
eflteacher: the adults ...
buthaina_3: actually they are more enthusiastic about learning than those residing the city
eflteacher: ask them do they allow thier brothers to use it ??
buthaina_3: you mean their sisters?
buthaina_3: good question.
eflteacher: they have pc's to chat..play games only :)
eflteacher: I mean the kids
buthaina_3: yes, i met some cases of female students who are not allowed to use the pcs at home
buthaina_3: yes, and this our job Maha
eflteacher: aha ... that is an example
eflteacher: difficult one
eflteacher: :)
buthaina_3: to teach them that besides being an entertaintment tool it is now a wonderful teaching and learning device
buthaina_3: of course Maha, our profession is the most difficult one in the world, you don't know?
buthaina_3: this why they made lots of poems about teachers
eflteacher: I know .. but it was difficult enough with the old books
buthaina_3: it is a vfery challenging profession.To be or not to be!!:)
eflteacher: they deserve it :)
eflteacher: To be enshalla :))
buthaina_3: enshallah=D>
eflteacher: hehehe thnx :)
buthaina_3: BTW, what we get in KU is your production
eflteacher: the smartest will be mine :)
buthaina_3: if you teach them well, then we can build on that and add far more nice things
eflteacher: other?? never met me :))?:))
buthaina_3: I'm sure the smartest are yours
eflteacher: I try to do my best
buthaina_3: sure , I know Maha
buthaina_3: you need to learn more about chat
buthaina_3: I recommend it a lot
eflteacher: I wish my pupils remember me when they grow up as the grat one who helped us learn :)
buthaina_3: have you seen what projects my students did with chat?
eflteacher: I visited their homepages
eflteacher: in the final project
buthaina_3: yes, of course they will..don't you remember your good teachers now?
eflteacher: not sure about chat
eflteacher: Sure I do
buthaina_3: no, for my 090 students the Chat porojects with teachers in other countriees.
eflteacher: Yeah I read one log
buthaina_3: https://alothman-b.tripod.com/chat_schedule_s03.htm
eflteacher: It's really nice what you do with your classes
buthaina_3: Chat is very important
buthaina_3: students and parents should know that chatting can be used for educational purposes
buthaina_3: Another writing my 090 students did
buthaina_3: http://090writingassignments.blogspot.com/
eflteacher: I started to build the site as a small step in this direction
buthaina_3: this I need to publish more of their work but cannot find enough time to do everuything I want
buthaina_3: great..Maha
buthaina_3: focus on CMC tools they are great
eflteacher: yes they are
buthaina_3: for your pornunciation lessons you can try a voice chat with them
buthaina_3: would like to try it here..now?
eflteacher: love to...but I don't have a microphone
buthaina_3: oh, better get one soon..as we are using video now..
buthaina_3: Maha
buthaina_3: the final goal is to achieve the following
buthaina_3: http://www.geocities.com/esl_efl_ku/tesol03_conclusion.htm
eflteacher: not sure what will Yousef say...my husband :) he hate chatting
eflteacher: he hear alot of bad things about it
eflteacher: he need some lessons from you maybe :)
uthaina_3: if you show him what teachers do in a chat session , I'm sure he will change his mind
buthaina_3: no, he needs to check out work by teachers from all over the world.
buthaina_3: this for example:
eflteacher: he'll shake his head and go :) but I'm trying to make
eflteacher: him involved with me in it
buthaina_3: http://www.geocities.com/aidenyeh/shih_chien/2ndsem/whatsinaname/who.htm
eflteacher: I show/tell him about WIA
buthaina_3: I bet you he will be an adict..does Yousef speak English?
eflteacher: not very well
eflteacher: he teaches riding horses ... his English improved little since he sterted
buthaina_3: wow, cool
eflteacher: because many English speakers go to him
buthaina_3: I used to ride horses when I was a kid
buthaina_3: it's a great sport
eflteacher: you're welcome to ride any time
eflteacher: :)
buthaina_3: why don't you ask him to try joining W4W
buthaina_3: thanks
eflteacher: which is ?
eflteacher: w4w ?
buthaina_3: too old and busy now:(
buthaina_3: maybe when I retire :)
buthaina_3: oh, sorry, Writing for Webheads
eflteacher: busy yes ... old ? I don't think so
buthaina_3: I'll give you the URL soon
eflteacher: :)
eflteacher: good
eflteacher: :)
eflteacher: I came across it yesterday
buthaina_3: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/efiwebheads/
eflteacher: I read about them and how to join
buthaina_3: http://www.homestead.com/prosites-vstevens/files/efi/webheads.htm
eflteacher: it is really interesting
buthaina_3: would like to join teachers' discussions Maha..every Sunday?
eflteacher: Thank you :) this the page I visited
eflteacher: I'd love to
eflteacher: but
eflteacher: do you really think I'll manage it there ?:)
buthaina_3: yes, and the one prioiur to it is thier yahoo group site where he can join directly and start writing
buthaina_3: a teacher should reply to him
eflteacher: I'd love to participate
buthaina_3: and he can tell her what he needs to improve
eflteacher: aha cool
buthaina_3: and she/he can have him in many projects too
eflteacher: I'll even ask him to read this log :)
buthaina_3: chatting using voice as well
eflteacher: wow very nice
buthaina_3: yes, and Dafne and other teachers developed an online course with video too.
eflteacher: aha
eflteacher: I might join them
buthaina_3: tell him, I'm sure he will change his mind and start considering chats
eflteacher: learning has no limit
buthaina_3: not you Maha, your husband
eflteacher: surely I will
buthaina_3: you can join Webheads
eflteacher: I feel I need it too
buthaina_3: and then participate as a teacher in a porject
buthaina_3: with your students
buthaina_3: no, I mean the projects of W4W, for people want to learn English
buthaina_3: via emails and chat
buthaina_3: you need the How to.
eflteacher: do you think my English is OK?
buthaina_3: what do mean? of course ..it is perfect to me.
buthaina_3: you are quialified , aren't you?
eflteacher: :"> good
eflteacher: yes I am
eflteacher: but i feel I'm loosing the language because I'm practicing it less
buthaina_3: let me tell you, if you understand the concept behind e-learning and e-teaching then things would be very clear to you.
eflteacher: good
buthaina_3: you can join forums ans CoPs , they are really good for us..where we can practice our English with Native speakers.
eflteacher: I do understand...then I guess it is clear but I need to trust myself
buthaina_3: Are you familiar with Socratic Teaching Method?
eflteacher: yes maybe that's what I'll do
eflteacher: not sure
buthaina_3: It is the teaching/learning theory of Socrates (in arabic we call him soqrat) , the Greek philosopher
eflteacher: aha,which is based on what ?
buthaina_3: have read anything about his teaching method during your college years.
buthaina_3: Student-centered classrooms
eflteacher: Brb plz
buthaina_3: where the student is the discoverer and the teacher is the facilitator.
buthaina_3: sorry got to go
buthaina_3: we will continue inshallah later.

©2005 Buthaina Al-Othman