Part of Vance's Chat with Aiden's Students

I'm using this part of the chatlog to show my students how chat and the use of technology can help them improve their English.I also like What Chris said about the benefits of chat.In additon to Vance's illustration on the balance between Grammar and Fluency.

A short interview with Taiwanese students via Yahoo Messenger

The following chatlogs show Vance Stevens talking to Taiwanese senior students at Shih Chien University. These 4 students are also taking Aiden Yeh's Communication Skills Course. In this conversation, Vance is trying to find out what they think about the use of technology and its benefits (if any) in learning English as a second language.

A chat with Chris

aidenyeh: i am chris
aidenyeh: i am back
vance_stevens: How does Chris, and the others, feel about chat / tapped in after experimenting with it a while
vance_stevens: do you think it has benefits for your English
vance_stevens: over what you could get without it?
aidenyeh: i think it is good for our writting
aidenyeh: and english comprehension
vance_stevens: are you much concerned with grammar when you write here?
aidenyeh: yes
aidenyeh: i think most of taiwan students much concerned with grammar
vance_stevens: do you know about the balance between Grammar and Fluency?
aidenyeh: i am not complete know that
vance_stevens: that is, ability to communicate and express yourself VS. doing it perfectly
aidenyeh: i know
vance_stevens: for example, you could say (perfectly) I'm not completely aware of that
vance_stevens: but you COMMUNICATED fine
aidenyeh: thinks
aidenyeh: thanks

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