How Webheads Work together, from Distance,

Utilizing Free CMC Tools:

A Yhoo Messenger Chat and Voice Conference


Yaodong Chen , a Chinese EFL Instructor and Buthaina Al Othman , a Kuwaiti EFL Instructor, Meet

Online to Plan a future educational web-based project for their EFL Students, in China and Kuwait!

(Click on Chatlog to view the conversation).


While Yaodong and I were discussing a future project, using YM Voice Conference, the Supervisor of our English Language Unit (ELU) of Science, Sa'ad Al Sagoubi was passing by; so, I invited him to hear Yaodong while he was talking to me. I told Yaodong that my supervisor was listening to his voice chat and he said that his Chinese supervisor is so supportive of his students' work on the computer and Internet.

Meanwhile, I took a photo shot of Sa'ad, using my web cam to show how happy and impressed he was on how we, Webheads, use some CMC tools. Actually, Sa'ad was very supportive and encourgaed such educational web-based projects, which Yaodong and I were planning for our EFL classes.

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