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Week 2
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Week 6

Course Description:

This is a blended English for Specific Purposes, (ESP) Program for Business English Communication, designed for Gulf Bank Branch Managers. There are two main communication modes throughout this course: the face-to-face mode, which will occur inside a computer-lab, and the virtual mode that will happen live online through a virtual classroom by Elluminate live! This program encourages independent learning and collaborative work through project-based approach of teaching and learning. For this purpose, various synchronous and asynchronous Computer Mediated Communication, (CMC) media are to be incorporated for participants to create during hands-on activities to explore and practice different ways of text and voice communication, including podcasting, blogging, and videoblogging, etc. At the end of the course participants complete building a collaborative learning community, online to continue their innovative fun informal elearning experience after the course is ended.

Length of Course:

  • This course begins April 16, 2006 and ends on May 20, 2006
  • Face-to-Face Classes - Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday (2 hours- 6:00 - 8:00 PM)
  • Virtual Classes - Saturday - Monday - Wednesday (90 minutes - 8:00 - 9:30 PM)
  • Other Synchronous and Asynchronous, (not in real time) communications run throughout the 6-week course via various communications media.


  • Improve your business oral communication ability
  • Improve your business writing ability for memos, email, and letters.
  • Learn how to produce effective short reports (individual / group-reports)
  • Develop confidence in your ability to communicate professionally
  • Build your collaborative learning community online to maintain your ongoing informal learning experience, online.

Week-by-Week outline:

Week One -

  • Getting started, getting to know each other, exchanging background information
    Select a topic for final group-MVPresentations
    General Introduction to Reading & Writing Skills:
    Reading Skills:
    Skimming, Scanning, Reading between the lines
    Writing Skills:
    Note-Taking & Outlining
    Business Writing Formats

Week Two -

Memos and Email Writing
Business E-mail - Format - Netiquette - (Formal /Informal)
Memos - Format - Type - (Internal & External)
Practice (send me an email - post a memo to your blogs)
Practice (post to your group-podcasting channel)

Week Three -

Business Letter/Report Writing
Letter - Purpose - Formats -Examples
Report - Purpose - Formats - Examples
Practice (send me a letter/report - post a report/letter to your blogs)
Practice (post to your group-podcasting channel)

Week Four

Summary Writing
Writing short Reports of audio-recordings (online presentations)
Writing short Reports of Video & VoiceConferences (online sessions/Presentations)
Writing Group-Reports

Week Five -

Preparing Oral Group-Presentations
Outline - Structure - Design / templates
Create presentation slides/ visuals
Content - Proofreading

Week Six -

Final projects: Group Multiple Venue Presentations run throughout the week
Peer-evaluation/feedback reports
Survey (2) (feedback on the program)

Last updated: April 8, 2006