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Kuwait University

ELU/Science College - English for Science,(EfS)

(161/11), Spring 2002



  • English for Science, Fran Zimmerman.

  • -English for Science, Writing Workbook.

    (Course books are available in Shuwaikh Bookstore.)



Buthaina Al Othman

Kh 3, 2nd floor, Room # 12

  • Office Hours:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: 12:30pm -1:30pm

E-mail: balothman@hotmail.com



Course Description:

This is an English for Specific Purpose, (ESP) course. It contains topics from the general science curriculum. The main Objectives of this course are learning new scientific terms, taking notes efficiently, and writing scientific reports; such as, classifying, comparison, and describing, encouraging the use of the standard form of academic paragraph outlining, the tree diagram, and tables.It also enforces the major reading skills of skimming, scanning, and reading between the lines, aiming at developing the ability of distinguishing fact from fiction, drawing logical conclusions, and making appropriate inferences. The course integrates the four basic English language skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


Grade Computation:

  • Attendance - Homework- Quizzes

  • Final Internet-Project

  • Midterm Exam

  • Final Exam







  • 3hours= first warning
  • 6 hours= second warning
  • 9 hours= failure

"If you're absent due to medical reasons, please bring the original copy of the medical note or report from your doctor".

  • To midterm examination 1,2,5
  • To final examination 8,10,11& 3












Chapters Covered:






On-Line Dictionaries:





























  • For instant access to Marriam Webster's Dictionary & Thesaurus! Enter a wrod in the appropriate search box and click the "Search" button.


  • Tutorial and Exercises:
    • Learn more about the Subject and the Verb agreement with Verb Be.
    • for science students of 161, Click each item in the box below to learn more and practice.
Edu Find
Monash Unversity Guests
click and practice!
click and practice!

Handout: (Print-out)











Computer-Lab Classes:

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Welcome to the Cyberspace of 161/11

Add your picture here linked to your "On-line Portfolio"


Computer-Lab Syllabus and Schedule:

  • Course Projects:
  1. Final Class project: " On-line Portfolio"
  2. Exchange Writing with Science students in Germany.

  • Week 1& 2: (Wednesday, Feb.13, & Saturday, Feb.16, 2002)
    • Check out Nuevaschool.org.
    • Which one is your favorite search engine in the box below? why?



How can we read better and faster?

  1. Skimming
  2. Scanning
  3. Reading between the lines.
  • Week 3 & 4:March 2

Encharted Learning

Read about the largest desserts on earth , and then write a formal definition of Arab Penesuela.

Search about.com for vertebrates and invertebrates.Write formal definitions of both of them.

Old Greek Civilization!

Read about Aristotle or Socrates, and then write a definition of their " teaching methods".

Moslem Scientists!

Read about some Arabic translated to english

Check Local News in English on "Kuwait Times!"

Activity 2:

Take notes while reading, and outline them using the tree diagram.

Write a classifying report converting the notes in the tree diagram to a paragraph.

Activity 3:

Listen to the science reports on esl-lab.

Do the science quizzes on manythings.org. ( based on texts of VOA)

Activity 4:

The Museum of Unnatural history!

Read about your favorite topic.

Take notes of your reading in a table.

Write a comparision paragraph.


"Less Salt Without Loss of Taste".


Activity 5:

Go to The Periodic Table Adventure . Test your memory!

Links to Scientific Writing:

1.Lewarn more about outlining & writing Style:

Den'sWriting Tips-O-Matic

2. Writing Exercises :

3. Coherent sentences:

4. A Guide to Grammar & Writing:

Activity 6:

Visit the following sites and write a brief description report on them.

Encarta....All about science and how stuff work!

The world of optics and microscopy, check out the Molecular Expressions!

Electricity and lighting.Visit the Electrecity Thearter!

Activity 7:

UFOs! kn.pacbell.com/wired/fil/pages/webufosjo.html

Read about Presentation!