Spring 2003_090
Instructor:Buthaina Al Othman

Voice- video Lesson (3)

"What's up?"/"Whas'up?"/ "Wazzap?"

"Wanna" Watch Some Movies?

Different American English Dialects in Different States

New York & Alabama!


  • Objectives:
    1. Students will be introduced to two different American dialects, used in the eastern State of NY,and in the southern State of Alabama.
    2. Students will learn the definition of slang and vernacular language.
    3. Students will learn and practice the meaning and use of some grammar rules, using authentic examples.
    4. Students will learn how to download and use a software to record and publish their own voices on-line.


    • Click to read a short summary and review on the American movie "My Cousin Vinny".
    • Click to watch a clip or a trailer from the American movie, "My Cousin Vinny". (Source: IMDB)
    • Click to learn new American slang words & expressions from the movie.
    • Click to learn more about the difference between two American accents.
    • Click to go to grammar and voice activity.


  • Links:
    • E-BABY (Sign up to watch some movies)

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