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Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

Learn about Different Cultures in the World!

A Web-based 090 EFL Students' Collaborative Project


Each group divides the work among its members and agrees on the role of each member to accomplish the following FUN project:

Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Check out the photos published on this WebPage: < http://mercola.com/test/only.htm >*

Step 2:

Take some photo shots of unusual real life situations that happen ONLY in Kuwait!

Note: If one of the group members has a cell-phone or mobile with a built in digital camera, he/she can be the group photographer and in charge of taking the shots. You need to activate your MMS service, though.

Save the photos on your mobile, and then post them to your email, via MMS service. After that download and save them on your PC.

Step 4:

Go to .buzznet.com to create your PhotoBlog.

Sign up for an account by following the instructions from there. (It is easy and simple, just like signing up for an email account!).

Step 5:

Upload your pictures to your photoblog to share your work with your classmates and with the rest of the world!

Step 6:

Write your comment under each image or photo.

Step 7:

When you finish, send the URL of your photoblog to TeacherButh, via an email message to our 090s18 Yahoo! Group.

Remember to ask for help when you are stuck. Do Not Give Up!

Good Luck!

* Source:<http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Real_English_Online/>

Created: Spring 2004 - Last updated: Fall 2004
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