Fall 2002 (last updated Fall 2003)

Chapter 11: Describing

Activity 1: Combining Sentences
Win 1 to 3 Bounus Points!


Combine each group of sentences to make one sentence. The sentences will then make a descriptive paragraph about

a mystery object. Try to guess what the object is. Use the vocabulary in (bracket) to help you combine the sentences.Then, send your paragraph via an email message. The title of your paragraph must be the name of the mystery object.

Note: Three bonus points will be given to the first answer I receive; 2 bonus points for the second, and 1 will be given to the third one.

  1. a. The object looks long.

    b. The object looks thin. (and)

    c. The object measures about 20 centimeters in length.

  2. a. The object has many flat sides. (but)

    b. The object appears rounded. (with)

    c. The object has a diameter. (of or that)

    d. The diameter measures about cm.

  3. a. It is available in many colors outside. (and)

    b. It comes in many colors inside. (but)

    c. Usually the outside is yellow. (and or while)

    d. Usually the inside is grayish black.

  4. a. There is often writing along the outside of the object. (and)

    b. There is often a number along the outside of the object. (which or such as)

    c. The number is often a 2 or 3.

  5. a. The top of the object comes to a sharp point. (and)

    b. The bottom of the object is made of rubber. (with)

    c. The bottom of the object has an aluminum band around it.

  6. a. The body of the object appears to be made of wood. (but or while)

    b. The inside of the object is actually made of lead.

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