Week 2
Jan - Feb

  • VideoTexting:
    1. What is VideoText?
    2. Does VideoText fill a need?
    3. Tools needs to create VT.
    4. Techniques for creating and making VT available.
  • Objectives for this week: Learn about VT
  • Guest Speaker: TBA
  • Discussion of 100% online teaching as a new medium for language acquisition . (Click to go to the discussion).
  • Participants: Please post your pedagogical and technical queries to the efiTESOL2006 YahooGroup. If you create your own sample videotext please post it to the Files section.
  • Optional Activity: Think of variations on the VideoText idea and submit to the Group-blog.
  • Threads of Week 2 (Click HERE to see what have participants added to the group site.
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