Week 2: Jan. 23 - 29

"All Roads lead to Rome: Where is the ShortCut?"
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  • RSS allows you to be notified when a site is updated. It is based on XML file format, which facilitates the sharing of information throughout different systems connected via the Internet.
  • See examples of feeds in XML: http://odeo.com/channel/56415/rss
    1. Create your account at Bloglines or My Yahoo.
    2. Connect to ODEO Channels that you like and interesting Flickr Groups Via RSS /and Taggs.
    3. Post your tags and feedback to EVO WebPresence 2, Uniblog or WebPresence 2, ODEO Channel or EVO WebPresence 2, Flickr Group, using voice and photos to express your opinions.

Recommended Reading & Resources: Stephen Downes | Will Richardson | Eric Baber | ElderBob

Building a Web Presence for Teachers & Students through Uniblogs (Optional)

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