Syllabus for EVO Moderators Training - 2005-2006

Week 3 – Oct. 24 - Oct. 31

Discussion leaders: Buthaina al-Othman and Aiden Yeh

1. Continue building your Yahoo group. Make and upload an expanded syllabus for your 6-week session detailing activities that will enhance participation, as suggested in our readings and discussions and incorporating the suggestions the Coordination Team made earlier. We recommend making folders for each week to contain the questions, assignments, or activities for that week. Be sure to invite comments from your mentor and from the EVO_Moderators YG (are you linked?). You're going live!

Please see Figure (1) & Figures (2, 3, 4), below to have an idea about how your expanded syllabus can be uploaded into folders, and how to name, describe and organize files into folders.



Figure (1) Create Folders for your Syllabus & Weekly Activities


Figures (2, 3, 4) Add material files to your Folder

Figure (2) Files › Syllabus › Click "Add File"› Upload File

Figure (3) Files › Weekly Activities › Click "Create Folder"

Figure (4) Files › Weekly Activities› Week 1 › Click "Add File"› Upload File

Prepared by Buthaina Al Othman &Aiden Yeh , Oct 25, 2005