Spring 2001_161
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman
Last Updated: Spring 2003
Standard Form of Paragraph Outlining

Academic Paragraph Outline Form

I. Topic sentence: ____________________
A)     Supporting point: ___________________
    o   Supporting detail: ________________
B)    Supporting Point: ___________________
    o   Supporting detail: ________________
C)    Supporting Point: ___________________
    o      Supporting detail: __________________

II. Concluding sentence: _______________

Note: A paragraph consists of a number of sentences. A short paragraph includes 3 sentences while a long one consists of 20 to 25 sentences.The number of supporting points, (main ideas) and details,(specific information), usually,determines the number of sentences in a paragraph. The more points and specific details, the writer provides,the more sentences he/she is to write.

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