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#3 (Dewaniah, the gathering place)


#4 (When invited to a Dewaniah)

then answer the following questions:

1-What is a Dewaniah?
2-What is the Islamic worship place called?
3-How many times do muslims pray and when?
4-Mention a couple of Dewaniah's rules?

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#9 (Men's Clothes)


#10 (Women's Clothes)

then describe in 2 short paragraphs Kuwaiti men's and women's clothing. Also,describe men's and women's clothing in your own country.



Read the above links, then answer the following questions. Combine your answers to form one paragraph.


1-What does the mosque consists of ?

2-How many doors the mosque has?

3-How many men does the prayer court accommodate?

4-Where do women pray?

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