090-Fall 2001

Buthaina Al-Othman

Computer-lab session (week 1)

        During this session, you will learn the following computer skills:

1.     Sign up for an e-mail account.

2.     How to use "Word Processor" to type your homework.

3.     How to send a Word document attached to an e-mail message.

4.     How to save your files in a floppy disk.

5.     Paragraph outlining, (listing your ideas.)

        Activity 1:

Click English Zone.com to learn about the structure of a paragraph, then do the quiz.

         Activity 2:(homework)

a. Write a 7 to 8-sentences paragarph, introducing yourself to the students and teacher.(Outline your ideas using a list or brainstorming map.)

b. Type your paragraph using Word, save it in your floppy disk and then send it to me (the Instructor) via an attachment to an email message.