162 final Project Photo Gallery 2003-2004

Kuwaiti Students' Online & In-Class Final Presentations

This is a Cutting Edge project, and the students appear in the pictures are pioneers !

This picture shows the pioneers, 162/53 first five online presenters of session 1, (12/27/04), and class instructor or e-moderator, standing on the right side of the picture.


Local audience, represented by the 14 students, who preferred to present in-class, later.

Shaima, an online presenter, helping the class instructor, Buthaina, checking things on their pc, before session 1, started. Shaima created a website to present her final roject from instructions by Buthaina, received online!

E-moderator, Buthaina, introducing 162/53 online presenters of session 2, (12/28/04).

From the left, Safiya and then Haya, getting ready to present their final term paper on " The Problem of Drugs in Kuwait", (session 2 -12/28/04).

Haya, answering a question by Webhead teacher, Michael Coghlan, during the discussion on the relationship between Iraqi Invisaion, in 1990, and the current problem of drugs in the country!

Maysoon and Mariam, practicing and coordinating their parts for their final online presenstation; (session 2-12/28/04)

From the left, Mariam, Amal, and Buthaina, class Instructor, during the 2-hour training session, at the DLC-Lab, on Wednesday, Dec 24, 2004.

In-class presentations of the 14 students, started later on 12/29/03 and continued until January 3, 2004.

Latifa, an 162/53 student presenting her interesting topic, "Friendships".

Latifa showing a powerpoint slide on the popular American TV show, "Friends" to support her thesis.

Lulwa preferred to present in-class.

Reem, getting ready to give her presentation in-class, wants to presnt online in the future.

Another in-class presenter, Eman

Maysoon chose to present online and was excited about it!

EfS # 162/53 students' and Instructor's little party, celebrating the success of this project, in-class where they invited ELU/Science Supervisor, Sa'ad Al-Sagoubi, the one in the middle with the gray color Dishdasha, EfS # 161 coordinator, Dot Mackenzie, and EFL Instructor, Arthur Mazola


Photos taken by Buthaina Al Othman

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