"Influences of Cultures Meeting Online"

My First Open Weekend Workshop @ KnowPlace

August 26-28, 2005 ( This page is Under Construction )

How to Skype WorldBridges
Webheads' Cross-Cultural Collaboration

  • Friday, Aug 26:
    • Difficulties in the Workplace:
      • Online Security & Hackers
  • Saturday, Aug 27:
    • Difficulties in the Workplace:
      • Administrative Challenges & Lack of Management Support
  • Sunday, 28:
    • Difficulties in the Home:
      • "Computers are a Dating Gateway"



"please feel free to quote me saying: "Lately, I've been experiencing a new kind of feeling! A nice feeling of belonging to the universe or a globe and not to a country. This online community of Webheads in action has really made me feel global! I know now that I can travel to anywhere in the globe and find a friend. Webheads' has developed "a truly cross- cultural community that is sustained by a rich dialogue of multiple perspectives."
In Nov 2004, Buthaina Al Othman was quoted

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