Hi Laine and everyone,
I would like to thank you, Laine, for raising some interesting
questions in your 3 previous messages. Actually, I can relate. When
I first joined Webheads in Action, (WiA), my main purpose was to
improve and develop my home page built for the use of my students.
At that point, I was familiar with some of the CMC tools suggested
by Vance and other Webheads. However, I didn't use them the same
way they were used by Vance and other e-learning and CALL experts at

  • Take, for example, Web cams, which didn't mean a lot to me until I
    saw how other Webheads used them. It was a new experience that
    taught me a new concept and techiniques on how to explore and
    evaluate tools, in order to decide whether I need them or not, and
    how I could make the best of them for the benefits of my students.

Therefore, the first thing I did with web cams during that time, was
that I took my web cam to a c-lab session and asked my students for
permission to take and publish their photos on one of my web pages.

This was a good opportunity to introduce my students to the concept
of copyright, plagiarism, and the issue of respecting online
published material in general.

Please have a look at some of those photos, and notice how the
students were happy and excited:

URL 1: https://alothman-b.tripod.com/content-efs161.html

URL2: https://alothman-b.tripod.com/content-efs_162.htm

URL3: https://alothman-b.tripod.com/content-eng_090.htm

Laine and Meet Again to Test Webcams on March 20th, 2004,(coming soon)

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