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How to Cook Paella?

             Paella is a traditional dish of Valencia, Spain that is a colorful mixture of saffron-flavored rice, meats, vegetables, and olive oil. The process of how to cook paella is a simple one, involving some steps. First of all, the paella is placed on the fire and the olive oil is added. Then the salt is added and mixed well with the oil. Next, the meat is added and distributed with a spoon around the paella, so that it is fried well and to take the taste of the salt and the oil. In addition, the green beans are added and removed well with the meat. Furthermore, the red bell pepper is added and when it has cooked a little, it is taken out so that it doesn’t burn. Next, the white beans and diced tomatoes are added and every thing is mixed well. The water is added immediately. Then, when it starts to boil the threads of saffron are added. After that, the rice is added, by cups; once it’s tossed into the paella, it could be manipulated with the spoon and a high fire is maintained, no longer than five minutes, and then it is decreased. At this moment, the red bell peppers and artichoke are arranged on top of everything in a decorative style, such as a star. Then, the food is allowed to cook between 20 to 30 minutes, until the water evaporates and the rice grows. Moreover, if you see that the rice grains are a little hard, it should be covered with a newspaper for about 10 minutes to pick up the vapor, finishing its correct cooking. Finally, our paella is ready to eat.