The online final project is a modern way to practice English. It has both advantages and disadvantages. I would like to talk first about the advantages.

          There are several advantages to the Internet project. First, the online activities enhanced my English skills of reading, writing, and listening. In addition, the activities made me more aware about the values of the computer and the Internet, as educational tools. Finally, the project helped me to learn how to prepare, design, and organize a web-portfolio.

           In conclusion, the final project is good, however, the only disadvantage I found is that the activities are time consuming. I spent a lot of time working on them.



You have done a great job!

Regarding your final note on the project, don't you think that you started working on your project, rather late; perhaps, this is why you think it's time consuming!

Besides, you did some extra unrequired work by outlining the information on Wild Cats and Frogs in the Describing activities! This made you spend more time on the porject, I believe.

I'm glad you found the project useful. I hope you like the web-pages I created to publish your work online, : -)

Buthaina (Ms.)

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