Fall 1999 (Last updated Spring 2003)

Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Chapter 10: Reporting

Activity 2: Writing Reporting Sentences

  1. Choose a topic / topics to create your own reporting sentences.
  2. Use the concept of the 5Ws while writing each sentence, to help you include all the necessary information.
  3. Use the 5Ws handout from the Graphic Organizer web page.
  4. Post your sentences to our class list on 161 yahoo group, or publish them directly on your weblog or website, if you have already built one.
  • Illusteration:

    A. THE concept of the 5Ws helps you provide and organize the needed information, writing them in the right / logical order.

    B. To use passive voice follow this word order:(Recommended for scientific writing styles).

    What / Who / Where / When / Why.

  • C. To use active voice follow this word order:

    Who / What / Where / When / Why.

D. You don't have to answer all the wh questions in your sentences, especially the Why, which usually needs further research and investigation to find the right data on a certain topic.

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