I would like to exprress great appreciation and gratitude to Dr.David Nunan, for granting me his permission to reproduce Chapter 4 from his book Language Teaching Methodology, in order to make it avilable on-line for my colleagues in WIA, in addition to other teachers and eductaors using the Internet everywhere in the world.


Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 06:25:38 +0800
To: "Buthaina Othman" <esl_efl_ku@yahoo.com>
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Subject: Re: Permission!

Yes, please feel free to reproduce this providing full acknowledgement is made.

David Nunan

At 06:47 AM 2/16/2003 -0800, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Nunan,

I learned about you and your great teacheing and learning concepts & method., when I was a gradutae student at SUNY, Aalbany(Upstate NY), taking a course with Dr.Istvan Kecskes.I tried to search the web looking for some articles on Reading Methodology in the EFL environment for young learners,(age 16-19) ,of Beginner and Intermediate Levels.I found Cchapter 4, page 63-74, in your book "Teaching Language Methodology", is very useful.I wonder if I can type it and have it published so other teachers and interested educators could benefit form it, in CoPs online discussions.Appreciate your cooperation.

Best regards,

Buthaina Al-Othman
EFL Instructor
ELU/Faculty of Science
Language Center-Kuwait University

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