English for Academic Purpose, (EAP) OnLine Writing Course

A Blended, Synchronous & Asynchronous, 5-Week Session
August 15 - September 16, 2004
Sundays & Thursdays, at 18:00 - 19:30 GMT

by Buthaina al-Othman

Course Plan

This is an English for Academic Purposes, (EAP) course, offered for free of charge for English learners from around the world. This live & online course, provided at EFI, for learners of English in the Intermediate to high Intermediate level who seek to improve their academic writing skill. The course has a five-week syllabus. The teacher of this course will try to use a combination of process and form based writing approaches that was found most appropriate, especially, for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners. This class will meet live for 90 minutes twice a week, and will continue communicating everyday at its Yahoo Group. (For more details, click Procedures and Schedule buttons on the left side column, under Syllabus). The following is an outline of the writing skills and activities included in this course.

Week 1: August 15 -19

Choose a topic & write a thesis statement.

Week 2 : August 22 - 26

Note-Taking & Outlining.

Week 3 : August 29 - September 2

Paragraph Writing, (Introduction & Conclusion paragraphs)

Week 4: September 5 - 9

Essay and Summary Writing, & Editing Final Draft

Week 5: September 12 - 16

Writing References, (APA Style), Student-Student Peer Review, Presentations

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