Women without Frontiers, (WwF)

Peace Meeting

July 1 - 4, 2004 Rhodes, Greece

Opening Ceremony at the National Ancient Theater

Friday, July 2, 2004

MP of the Dodecanese district (12 Greek islands), Tasos Charamarios, addressing the audience at the National Ancient Theater
The Mayer of Rhodes, George Yanopulos, giving his speech that included an old story about a brave Greek woman and compared her with WwF president, Chrisoula Kaili, whom he described as a courageous woman.
President of the Prefictorial Council, Fotis Hatzidiacos, giving his speech and thanking WwF president and members for the thoughtful idea of a peace meeting.
The audience at the Ancient Theater following speeches and enjoying the outdoor atmosphere
(Left to right) Oya Talat, President of Patriotic Women's Union, Chrisoula Kailli, President of WwF, and Katherine Clerides, Head of Bureau for Bicommunal Reconciliation. We have witnessed a great moment when Mrs Kailli took her peace initiative, supporting a serious peace effort. She gave the two ladies olive branches, an action that stresses and encourages peace between the two parties. A Great Moment, Indeed!
(Left to right) Vice President of WwF, Maria Vardeli, from Rhodes, and Buthaina Al Othman, an EFL Instructor at Kuwait University, enjoying and appreciating the peace initiative.
And then, the fabulous Greek folklore music and dances started. (The dances were from many parts of the Dodecanese district
Great performance by different students from Rhodian schools
Check out the happy audience
Finally, a Greek dinner in the old town, at the Four Seasons Restaurant

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