Dear Presenters and Participants,

The WiAOC 2005 Liaison Committee, Vance Stevens and elderbob Branan, (eBob), and Buthaina al-Othman, have received this Outlined Plan, (I mean this email sent by Hope), how presenters and participants could use Elluminate.

Some of the instructions and guidelines, below are provided in various types of files including PPT slides.

Webheads in Action is so grateful to Hope Kandel for her great effort and time, preparing these help material for all of us.

For those of you who don't know Hope, she is a member of the LearningTimes Editorial Board, and produces LearningTimes' library-focused programs and events, including workshops and online conferences for information service professionals. Hope also manages the LearningTimes Library Online Community.


Please note that with the permission of Hope, some parts of her original email message, below were highlighted in red or bolded or itemized to stress their importance.

Hope wrote:

Hi Buth!

I hope this email finds you well. The Webheads in Action Conference Looks like a great one and we are really happy to be able to support the group!

  • Also each session has its own calendar entry so participants should refer to the link above to note the specific time and access for each session.
  • All the pages function much like the Webheads in Action Virtual Office.
  • Participants should click on the "Enter Now" link to join the session.
  • Anyone new to Elluminate should also plan to ensue that their computers are equipped to participate in an Elluminate session by going to the self-test room at:

  • If participants and/or presenters do not have problems in the room Above they should be all set to participate in any of the scheduled Elluminate sessions.

  • If people are having any technical difficulties please Have them email and we'll follow up with them to solve the problem.

  • In light of the fact that some presenters may be new to Elluminate I've planned for 2 presenter orientations. I picked times that I thought would accommodate the most folks.

  • If you would like to have additional orientations feel free to hold some informal sessions in the Webheads Virtual Office.

  • Please note the following times for the 2 that I have planned for Presenter Orientations:

    • Monday, November 14 @ 17:00 GMT
    • Tuesday, November 15 @ 3:00 a.m. GMT


    Both sessions will take place in the Webheads Virtual Office in LT:

  • For those who can't make either of these sessions the following
    Documents should help people get oriented.
  • Moderator Documentation:(This one is published on Voice Technology Tools Handout )

  • User Guides: (This one is published on Voice Technology Tools Handout)

  • In terms of support, the LearningTimes Staff should be considered Second level support and a core Webheads team should be considered the primary support for the live events.

  • Earlier in my email I stated that people with technical issues should email,

  • but you may want to have also a member of the Webheads as a main support contact for the actual conference in the event that someone from LearningTimes is not immediately able to respond to an email request for help and/or if the help request is more general about the conference.

  • Our suggestion for coverage of the live events is for there to be 2 - 4 Webheads that function as the session moderator for each live event.

  • You might want to create a schedule identifying which person will cover which session.

  • The role of the session moderator would be to:

    1. introduce the speaker and the title of the presentation,
    2. and start and stop the recording of the session.
    3. I will be sending a PPT file [(Please note that I have moved this PPT file from this handout and uploaded it to the wiaBproposals_YG), however, you need to join this YGroup to be able to get the PPT file Or Ask Vance to provide it. [Buth ]] of our standard technical slides a bit Later today (they don't seem to be on the computer that I am sending this from).
  • These cover the basics of how to use each feature in Elluminate.
  • LearningTimes will attempt to be at what sessions we can, but the Webheads group should plan to be the primary support and session leaders for each session. If you would like to identify the 2 - 4 people that will play this role from the Webheads group I would be happy to meet with the group online to go over any questions. That might be a good thing to do to make sure that everyone knows how to start and stop archives and load slides etc. Let me know what you think and some good times for a meeting.
  • We can use the Webheads Virtual Office. I will be posting a link to the sessions on the front page of the LearningTimes Online Community so keep an eye out for the update that includes that information.
  • Also, the LearningTimes staff will be posting the recordings as soon as possible once the live event has ended.
  • Let me know how this sounds to you and please do let me know if you
    Have any questions.

I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

Thank you, Hope for your time, effort and great support, as always :)

See you at Dr. Curt Bonk session, on Nov. 18, 2005 at

Other Presenter LT Virtual Rooms can be found HERE!

for WiAOC2005 Liaison Committee


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