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Download, Setting & Guide to WroldBridges Skype


  • To create your skype name to join a Skype discussion, please follow these steps:
    1. Download skype@
    2. Create your skype name and password.
    3. Log in with your skype name and password.
    4. Set your options at Files, View, Tools, and Help located on the top side of your skype window:
      • Click on Tools to add contacts, manage blocked users, etc.
      • Click on Help to select Getting Started to Make a Test Call.
      • The Getting Started Wizard walks you through the steps to Make a Test Call and adjust your audio recording settings.
      • Click on View to show the toolbar and other features.
      • Click on Files to Change Status
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  • To join a Skyped Discussion Webcasting by, add the skype name: [worldbridges] to your contacts list.
  • To join a multiple, text and voice, Skyped session you need to click on the Chat Room tab located on the top left side of (You need to wait for the java software to completely download).
  • Please note that you need to Click one of the streaming audio player icons to listen to a Live Stream.

For further help, please go to the Guide section @


Created on Nov 3; last updated on Nov 16, 2005
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