090-Fall 2001(September 2001)

Buthaina Al-Othman

Please Note:

This was the first CALL project, my students were assigned to complete. They were requested to submit portfolios, in hard copies, including best activities we did at our c-lab or from their homes. ( I kept some of these protfolios with me). Now, I have my students' Final Projects published, on my EFL Home in Kuwait.


v The following are names of the students with the best Portfolios and who have participated in the writing project of Ruth Vilmi, IWE: (Some of the good Portfolios were shown to the Director of the Language Center, Dr. Suad Al-Bustan, who was very impressed).

O      Amna Abdallah Jassem.Excellent Job! (Amna is the only student who completed Vilmi's online writing course and submitted an evaluation report. She and I met Vilmi online at Wimba text-chat board, at the end of the course. It was a wonderful experience, but unfortunately,it is not documented online, a skill I earned from Webhead in Action CoP!

O      Betoul Mohammed Baquer.Excellent Job!

O      Anwar Hamoud Al Mutayri. Great Job!

O      Anfal Mubarak Al Fadly. Good Job!

O      Huda Rasheed Al Shemiry. Good Job!

O      Noura Jassem Karam. Good Job!

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