More Photos of Webheads Having Great Fun at TESOL 2004 (Under construction)

(From left to right) Webheads Vance, Susan, Claire, Buth, and Tere in the front, are having fun at the Electronic Village TESOL 2004 , on March 31. Check him out!! Vance, Webheads' coordinator, lying down on a table at the Electronic Village! (Behind him from left to right) Webheads Tere, Claire, Susan, and Buth.
(From left to right) Vance, Tere, and Buth directing her web cam towards Dusty who took this photo, during Vance's presentation at the Internet Fair "Classics", when he showed the audience how Webhaeds interact live online with their students and with one another or in groups, enhancing this with voice and web cams. Webheads met Malika Lyon, an Internet Fair coordinator from Kensas University, at TESOL 2004, almost everyday.
Webheads Christine Buamer-Ramazini and Buthaina Al Othman met face-to-face for the first time at TESOL 2004. And, Webheads Claire and Buthaina met face-to-face for the first time at TESOL 2004, on March 31.
Webheads Christine and Claire, second and third from left, gave great presentations on how to teach online, on Friday, April 2. Claire gave very useful tips on how to design handouts, while Christine announced her credited summer classes included in a TESOL master program at Saint Michael's College in Vermont, US. Dr. Elizabeth smiling to the camera after opening a gift, the silver camel on the table, from Buth's science students of 162 section 4 to thank her for inviting them to her academic_writing yahoo group and for providing useful practice and tutorial on paragraph writing.
The photo on the right hand side, shows the wonderful couple, Elizabeth and Jack, during one of the lovely moments in Long Beach, at a Webheads' TESOL 2004 dinner. (This picture was added to this page when it was eventually found, in summer 2005).
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