TESOL 2003

Webheads Participate Physically and Virtually in TESOL Convention 2003, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Wednesday, March 26, 14:30 - 16:30 GMT (5:30 - 7:30 pm KLT)

Webheads Used Some Great CMC Tools:

(1) Wimba Voice Direct

(2) www.TappedIn.org

(3 )Yahoo Messenger

to Present Live and Webcast from

Portugal, Spain, Kuwait, and Australia

  • ScShot (1) shows Tapped In's ASO (After School Online) page. You can view some presenters' pictures and symbols on the right side, and the chat box at the bottom where online participants in Spain, Portugal, Australia, and Kuwait, projected their presentations, using ppt.files and web pages.

  • ScShot (2) shows Vance, Webheads CoP / Group leader, who orgainzed, coordinated, and managed a successful presentation at TESOL 2003. He was a great role model, showing us how a huge job or event like this one can be organized and presented successfully,by means of simple step by step cooperative and collaborative team work. It was a great and unforgetable experience that taught me a great deal about online presentation, group work, and technology. Thank you Vance :-)

  • ScShot (3) shows Sophie when she joined Vance and Chris, on Friday, March 28th, 2003, to participate in a voice-chat with Webheads and other audience via Wimba Voice Direct.

  • ScShot (4) shows Vance when he invited us, later, to a voice-video-conference at Yahoo Messenger, where we continued telling and showing the audience, physically available at TESOL convention 2003 with Vance,Chris, Aiden,and Arlyn,what we do in general at our Webheads' CoP.Many have joined Webheads' CoP during that day.

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