Week 5: How to Publish E-mail Messages

Today I Learned about how to publish an email messag. The message shown on this page, titled:"Tips & Links from WIA",

is a good example to illustrate rules and protocols of quoting and publishing an e-message.

  1. You have to mention the posting source of the message.

    Example: From a posting on (Date) , to the (name of reciepient/s).

  2. You must mention that the message is quoted and published with permission of sender/s.

    Example:This message was quoted with permissin of (name of the sneder).

E-message to the WIA List: "Tips & Links from WIA"

From a posting on February 18th, 2003, to the evonline2002_webheads list.

This message was quoted with permissin of Vance Stevens. This message is quoted and published in order to be used as a reference to some useful tips and interesting links to help me/us cope with the work we, (Webheads), are doing in general.

<Hi everyone,

At the risk of adding to your pile of emails to get through, you're
probably wondering how I cope with all the work Webheads entails.
Well, the anwswer, is ...

take a break now and then, play ...
Besides the music Maria recommends, here are a couple of neat things:

There's an interesting mystery game here. Simple but well done
enough to maintain interest:


Here, I had a look at the Desperate Dad

The latter was particularly well done. These games can get your
students engaged with the language and lead to collaboration,
breaking into groups, formulating and testing hypotheses, getting
back with a report to the class, predicting how you might solve the
problem, and recapping how success was achieved.

If you've ever played with dolls (or wanted to) you might like this

What can you do with this? I make a character and describe it to
you. You try to get yours to look exactly like mine based on my
description. At the end of the 'game' we compare and try to work out
how we went off.

Not sure how you'd use this with students, but it's a kick:
The Dialectizer

You may have some ideas though.

Have fun,