Webheads & Vance during a Demo Session

at the 9th EFL Skills Conference

Friday, January 23, 2004

Online Tools for Creating Communities of Communicative Learners

Using free and easy-to-use software tools instrumental in facilitating interaction among community members:

Webheads' Meet at their vMeeting Room on Learningtimes.org

Screen shot 1: Vance met a number of Webheads at Webheads' vRoom on Learningtimes.org, to demonstrate and discuss the use of some free CMC tools, before other participants attending his session, physically

Screen shot 2: Webhead Buthaina Al Othman, joined the session online from Dr. Liz England's office at the AUC, few meters from Vance's room, and managed to invite other Webheads to view her web cam. A number of participants contacted her face-to-face to ask about the URL of Webheads in Action

Screen shot 3: Webheads, Michael Coghlan and Claire Bradin Siskin invited virtual and local participants to view their web cams at Yahoo Messenger

Screen shot 4: While Vance and Webheads at LearningTimes, Ismail Fayed , a Webhead in KSA, invited everyone to a voice conference at Yahoo Messenger.


As you can see, it was a great demo session, well received by the audience, who were really impressed by the skillful Webheads who managed to communicate at various synchronous text, voice, and video, online using various CMC and MVP technologies, at Tappedin.org, LearninTimes, and Yahoo Messenger


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©2004 Buthaina Al Othman