Some Photo Shots of Vance Stevens, before and after the Opening Ceremony, at Ewart Hall, AUC, Egypt

Wednesday, Jan 21, 2004

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Vance Stevens and Randa Effat, a Webhead in Action, at the garden room of the AUC, a few minutes before the opening session. Robert Lindsey, Regional English Language Officer in Cairo, and Vance, following the opening session.

Liz England, Associate Professor, TEFL Program, English Language Institute, AUC, posing to the camera, when Vance was thanking her for her hard work on supporting and encouraging the use of IT, in the ME Region.

From the left, Magda Laurence, Vance Stevens, and Dean Harry Miller, a few seconds after the keynote address, was delivered.

Dean Miller mentioned in his opening speech an interesting old Chinese proverb, which says in English:"If you're planning for the future, educate people!"

From the left, Margo Abdel-Aziz, RELO Assistant, Vance, Magda, and Robert.

Vance Stevens and Buthaina Al Othman, a few minutes prior to the opening session.

Photos were taken by Buthaina Al Othman

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