Vance Stevens's Mini-Workshop at CDIT-lab, Cairo, Egypt

Saturday, January 24th, 2004

Creating a Yahoo Group for a New Webheads Branch in Egypt & Teacher-Professional Blogs!

Vance, created a Yahoo group, and invited participants to name it! They all agreed on the name:


The Group Official Website
Yahoo ID
Vance was not able to access Tapped in due to firewall restrictions at the Central Department for In-service Training lab, (CIDIT), in Cairo.
From the left, .........., ............, Hamdy Soliman, and Hemmat.
Dr. Liz England jas joined EgyptWebheads. Welcome aboard, Liz!
Blog URLs
Yahoo ID
Mosad El-Zeiny
Mohamed Ismail
Nevien Nasr
Sameh Makram  
Mohamed El-Mehallawy
Iman Mohmed Kamal  
Reham El-Gebaly    
Atef Mahmoud    
Hamdy Habib Soliman    
Hemmat Mahmoud    
Broxan El-Turky    
Sayed Mohamady Mohamed    
Yasser Yousif    
Dot Mackenzie  
Liz England  
  • During this Workshop session, most participants managed to create their blogs and posted their URLs to egytpwebheads Yahoo group,
  • Some participants asked Vance about how to upload images to their blogs!
  • Other participants, watching Vance and listening to him, while he was showing and explaining ways to edit published entries on a blog

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