A Cooperative 6-Week Voice-Chat Project

March 7 - April 11, 2005

by Webheads in action, Müzeyyen Aykaç in Turkey and Buthaina Al-Othman in Kuwait

Mulan University, Turkey

Weekly Schedule

Task Type

Week 1: Getting to know each other

Monday, March 7, @ 8 - 9 am GMT
  • Join EFL-Online Yahoo!Group
  • Post a short self-introduction paragraph to Yahoo group list
  • Talk more about yourself at the Yahoo Messenger voice-conference
  • Homeowrk: Go to the "Let's talk" to record your greetings-voice message. Your local/face-to-face teacher will help you with this activitiy.

Week 2 :Talk about food / places (Story Telling)


Monday, March 14, @ 8 - 9 am GMT

  • Select a story to read about a place you like at One World Journeys
  • Make sure you take notes when reading a story.
  • Use your notes to tell us briefly about the story you read, during our voice-conference. (Use an online dictinary to look up the meaning of new or difficult words).
Week 3: Family life /Traffic system

Monday, March 21, @ 8 - 9 am GMT

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coming soon
Week 4: Social problems in Turkey and Kuwait! (or other countries)

Monday, March 28, @ 8 - 9 am GMT

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coming soon
Week 5: Environmental Issues!

Monday, April 4, @ 8 - 9 am GMT


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  • Discussion global warming and environmental issues
Week 6: Education System

Monday, April 11, @ 8 - 9 am GMT

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