ELU/Faculty of ScienceI
nstructor: Buthaina Al Othman

Week 0 & 1

Learning Basic Computer & Internet Skills to Improve Study Skills


Activity 1: Creating Your Email Account

    1. Go to Yahoo mail , and then click Sign up and follow the instructions.(To save time, do this activity at home before we meet for this session).
    2. Create a Yahoo Messenger (YM) ID, so that you can participate in online text & voice Chat Projects!

    You need to Download YMessenger to create your YM ID and to use the Chat tool!

Go to the tutorial page, to learn how to use Yahoo Messenger, ( by Chris Jones, Arizona, USA).

Activity 2: Using Online Dictionaries

Activitiy 3: Using Search Engines

    Learn more about how to make your Internet Search fast and easy:

    REGISTER for the 14 Days Trial at http://www.brainpop.com/

    Now, use your username and password to log on to watch this movie Internet Serch!

Activity 4: Internet Search

    Use the search skill you learned from the above movie, to find information about the following:

      • Ectotourism. (Find the definition only)
      • The Beetles. (Find who are they and what did they do?)
      • Zaid Al-Refai. (Who is he? What did he do?)
      • Go to the Search Engines page, and choose one to do your Internet Search.

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