Kuwait Uinversity - ELU/Science
090_Fall 2004
Instructor: Buthaina Al Othman

NorthStar-Unit 2

"Going to Extremes: Sports and Obsession"

Activity 1:
  1. What is a biography?
  2. Read the biography of Tony Hawk at this URL: http://www.tonyhawk.com/
  3. Watch this movie to learn more about Paragraph writing
  4. Write a short paragraph about Tony Hawk.
  5. Post your writing to your blog.
Activity 2:
  1. Do an interview with a famous Kuwaiti sport character. (Use the concept of * the 5Ws to help you ask good questions to obtain a lot of information about the famous person).
  2. After that, write a short biogrphy of the famous person.
  3. Remember to use Future Time and Capitalization.

Activity 3: (grammar practice)

  1. Do this Exercise on Capitalization
  2. Do this Exercise on Future Time

* Source: http://www.writesite.org/html/organize.html

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