Another New Collaborative & Cooperative Experience

Webheads in Action , Lead by Vance Steven, Participate in Global Learn Day VII

Sunday, November 16, 2003 - (10:00 AM GMT to noon)

Vance Stevens, in Abu Dhabi , Buthaina Al Othman, from Kuwait, and Michael Coghlan, from Australia

Meet Face to Face - for the First Time - to Webcast a Live Global Learn Day (GLD) VII Presentation, from UAE Petroleum Institute, (PI).

Teresa Almeida d'Eça, A Webhead in Action, in Portugal, Joins Them at:

Buthaina's GLD VII Presentation: ESL VS. EFL: Let's Bridge the Gap!


Archive of a recording at; a conversation between Webheads, Andy, BJ, Buth, and Head of Tapped In, Dr.Mark Schlager, on the occasion of GLD VII.

Behind the podium, Vance Stevens starting WiA GLD presentation
Michael Coghlan presenting his part.
Buthaina Al Othman addressing the audience

Photos at PI in Abu-Dhabi, taken by Muthla Al-Sayer

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