Yet another New Cooperative & Collaborative Webheads' Learning Experience

A Remarkable MVPresentation
by Webhead Michael Coghlan, with "The VOICE" and "The IMAGE" this time, for ELS Conference
at LearningTimes! (Thursday, Jan 21, (22:00 - 00:45 GMT)

with Guest Speakers, Webheads Barbra Dieu & Dafne Gonzalez

"Cutting Edge Tools in the ESL/EFL Classroom"
Recording of this presentation can be found at this URL: (Thanks to Jonathan)

Please note: the cutting edge movie, above is based on the brilliant and great ideas of both MC & BG ! (Please note that this is just for F.U.N.)
To watch the movie with the possible ideas, USE this URL:

A "short" feedback report on the presentation, (with screen shots of some slides), by Buthaina Al-Othman

1) Michael Coghlan, (MC) demonstrated the possibilities of utilizing the free software of Photo Story & Movie Maker for ESL/EFL learners.

Click the picture on the right hand side, showing where Michael first went to school). (This is to see and hear a possible idea, by MC.

He also talked about ways ESL/EFL teachers could utilize some interesting free ICTs. He demonstrated his latest experiments with LiveJournal, (an interesting blogging tool), and with Audio blogs!

2) Michael takled the issue of FIREWALLS!

He emphasized the hard thinking it takes, supporting Vance Stevens's concept on the issue!(The picture on the right hand side). I believe this is a crucial issue that we all need to collaboratively think hard on ways to deal with it to solve it. I have personally been, like most of you, suffering from some colleagues attacking and criticising some teaching and learning approaches I use for my EFL classes. I know I'm not the only one; however..! Thanks, Michael for bringing this up, again, to the attention of the world!


Michael demonstrating his first example of an audio blog, where he did "a firewall test at Port Adelaide......"

3) Some main factors were stressed as major steps towards the right direction:

  • Forget the Curriculums
  • Changing notitions of literacy
Michael, then asked:
"Can digital or multimedia literacy promote development of traditional literacy?"

The answer to the above question is , "YES...!"
"Nevertheless, a change per se cannot be reached with the use of technology, only! Officials and eductaors should take into consideration teachers "quality" as a main element to reach that goal. CoPs , such as, WiA, can train teachers and provide essential skills that would allow Language teachers/or teachers of other subjects, in general, to step into the 21 Century and participate in the current , crucial Global change effectively". To read the full answer, please go to Buth's Conclusion of her part in the Weabheads' presentation, at TESOL 2003, Baltimore, USA

4) "It got to do with Community building!" (Michael, stated).
I strongly agree with Michael. Actually, the fact that we, Webheads in action are still learning from each other and sharing knowledge, for three years, now, proves you are right Michael, that the real cutting edge tool is Community building! Actually, I've been trying to integrate the concept into my EFL/ESP classes, since I joined the Webheads; (but as you know, Herding Cats is not an easy job).To see what I mean, please click HERE !
The fact that the cooperation of Daf and Bee by collaborating in this very event, (despite the fact that they both are busy, moderating their EVoline 2005 sessions), is concrete evidence that communities of practice online are, indeed, cutting edge tools.
Webhead Daf
Webhead Bee
5) Finally, thank you Micheal for inviting us to your presentation. It really was a new learning experience, and a cutting edge session, indeed! . Thanks for sharing, :-)
MC's presentation, details, and his follow up report can be viewed HERE or HERE!
Webhead Christine (attendant)
LearningTimes, Jonathan
Webhead Buth (attendant)

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