What Is Slang?

  • Slang is informal non-standard speech; such as some vocabulary and expressions that are created or developed from old or new words by a group of people in a region or country in an arbitrary manner. (To learn more Click Slang at Modern America, 1914-present )
  • Examples of slang, by Cassie Howell:
    • Cool:  This popular expression is used to describe something that is very good.    Ex:  “That band is cool!” 
    • Cat’s Pajamas:  Used in the 20’s, this expression is very similar to "cool."             
    • Other slang term that have similar meanings are: "radical," "groovy,"  "da-bomb," and "neat-o." 
    • Chill:  This can mean to calm down, for example, “Chill out, Dude.” It also can have an "-in" ending added to mean to relax, as in “We’re just chillin at my house."

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